Thursday, December 5, 2013

Horse Racing: Best Odds Guaranteed

You ve probably seen that several bookmakers these days have a betting offer called Best Odds Guaranteed . If you can get this offer, it s actually really good news for all horse racing punters. But if you re not sure what this means, or which bookmakers offer it, don t worry. We ve put together this quick guide to explain it all. What Is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed is a price offer designed for people who like to take early prices on the horse racing markets. Many professional punters like to do this because there is often much better value available early on. However, the downside of taking early prices is that sometimes the price can actually drift before the start of the race, which means you could have got better odds if you d waited and taken the SP (starting price).


With Best Odds Guaranteed, this can't happen. If a bookmaker is offering Best Odds Guaranteed it means that if you take an early price and the SP is bigger, they will pay your bet at the SP instead.

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